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February 13 - March 5, 2015

Tableaux Parisiens (1991 - 2015)

Photo-Intaglio Prints By Mary Wolf And Louis Ocepek

Louis Ocepek and Mary Wolf’s collaboration of photo-intaglio prints, Tableaux Parisiens, opens at Unsettled Gallery on Saturday, February 13 with an exhibit reception from 4 to 6 PM. The work reflects each artist’s individual views and experiences gathered by walking the city of Paris over a twenty-year period. Wolf says, “Intertwined in the work are our different perspectives of the vistas, architecture, people and objects we discovered.” Photo-Intaglio prints in the exhibit include images of the city’s metro system, cultural and public space, the small immigrant neighborhood La Goutte d’Or (“Drop of Gold”), a Romanian gypsy circus found in the 11th Arrondissement, images of museums, cemeteries and daily life on the street.

Intaglio is a process of engraving or etching into a surface (plate) to create a design. Ocepek, a printmaker (as well as painter and designer) continues with his "abbreviated" description of the Intaglio process. “The plate is inked and lightly wiped, leaving ink residue in the groves resulting from the engraving/etching process. Dampened paper is laid over the plate which is run through an etching press that compresses the paper against the plate. The ink-filled areas of the etched plate are transferred to the paper. Photo-Intaglio uses light-sensitive plates exposed to hand-made or photographic transparencies, processed and etched in acid, water or an aggressive alkaline solution. The resulting etched plates are inked and run through an etching press as described for the Intaglio process.” Ocepek points to the reason he is attracted to this laborious and difficult printing technique when he mentions that the Photo-Intaglio process produces prints noted for their “deep, rich blacks and full range of softly textured gray tones.

During the exhibit (Thursday, February 25 – 5:30 to 6:30 PM) Mary Wolf and Louis Ocepek will each talk about their roles in creating work for the exhibit. Wolf’s talk will cover photographing Paris; Ocepek will talk about the Photo-Intaglio process.

The exhibit concludes on Saturday, March 5 at 4 PM.

Musée d’Orsay Clock Photo-Intaglio

© Mary Wolf and Louis Ocepek

Gypsies of the Sky Photo-Intaglio

© Mary Wolf and Louis Ocepek




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