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April 9 thru April 30

Perfect Tangles

Exhibit Opening Reception

April 9 | 4 to 6 PM

Jeanne Rundell

Cassandra Lockwood

Mary Robertson

Image of Jeanne Rundell's Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster; 20” x 20”; Mixed Media

© Jeanne Rundell

Las Cruces artists Jeanne Rundell, Cassandra Lockwood and Mary Robertson open their exhibit of new work at Unsettled Gallery on Saturday, April 9 with a reception from 4 to 6 PM. The exhibit, Perfect Tangles, offers the viewer an opportunity to explore differences and similarities between the work of the three contemporary artists. First impressions of the artwork reveals that each artist is bold in her materials use. For Rundell it is 3-D and color-color-color, Lockwood’s brush strokes are boldly gestural and Robertson "favors a bright palette with lots of contrast."

The three artists have participated in many local, regional and national exhibits. Rundell and Lockwood are long-time members of the Border Artists. Robertson has participated as an invited Border Atrist Friend in many Border Artists exhibits. Each of the three artists are active on social media. Jeanne Rundell's Facebook followers are treated to a bounty of superbly curated art related posts. Cassandra Lockwood's artistic instincts are on display in her Facebook posts through her many interests in art, travel and lifestyle trends. Mary Robertson is active on many social media venues and was selected to join the website where her work sells nationally and internationally.

Join us to experience each artists’ work at a first glance and then delve more deeply into the subtleties. The exhibit concludes on Saturday, April 30 at 4 PM.

Image of Cassandra Lockwood's Up

Up; 18” x 24”; Acrylic On Canvas

© Cassandra Lockwood

Image of Mary Robertson's First Pet

First Pet; 22" x 16"; Acrylic On Watercolor Paper

© Mary Robertson



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