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December 16, 2016

Noah M

Book Signing Party

Friday, December 16 | 5 to 8 PM

Image of Noah M Vanity On Mars

Vanity On Mars 2016; 30" x 22"; Ink and Watercolor On Paper; © Noah M

About The Artist Noah M

It’s always difficult to distill an artist’s work into a suitable number of minimalistic sentences and paragraphs that accommodate our modern Facebook/Snapchat attention spans. With the mid-career artist Noah M, this becomes a crazy-challenging exercise of synthesis and reduction because of his substantial and versatile body of work.

Types of medium employed in his work include: digital sound and image tools, pen-and-ink, spray paint, watercolor and everything, including the kitchen sink, for his installations. His artworks (in various styles) include: vinyl, CD and music video covers; drawings, paintings, murals, tattoos, videos, multi-media installations and visual and sound productions. His favorite style and media is complex, often symbolic, pen-and-ink drawings although similarly complex watercolor compositions of abstract vistas currently consumes a larger share of his art-making.

Art book publishing, a recent addition to Noah M's oeuvre, will be celebrated in a book signing party at Unsettled Gallery on Friday, December 16 from 5 to 8 PM. This event, co-sponsored by New Mesquite Contemporary, presents the first volume of a planned four-volume set, collecting selected images from his artwork created during the last 2 years. Each volume is limited to an edition of 100 books.

Noah M’s work has been featured in venues located in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York (including a long term representation relationship in New York City with the Clair Oliver Gallery), South Carolina, Texas and Washington and these other countries: France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom and in publications similarly dispersed.



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