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DATE BOOK - 2014

APRIL 19, 2014; 1 to 3 PM
Artists' Talks . Selected Artists/Selected Work

Nolan Winkler, Jacklyn St. Aubyn and Louis Ocepek

APRIL 26; 1 to 3:30 PM
Panel Discussion . Selected Artists/Selected Work

What Is An Artist's Body Of Work?/Why Does A Body Of Work Matter?

Carey Crane, Raul Dorn, Louis Ocepek, Jacklyn St. Aubyn, Jean Wilkey and Nolan Winkler

Poetry Reading

Raul Dorn

MAY 3; 1:30 to 3:30 PM
Artist's Talk . Selected Artists/Selected Work

Jean Reese Wilkey

Performance Following Artist's Talk

To Be Announced

MAY 3, 2014; 4 PM
Exhibit Close: Selected Artists/Selected Work
MAY 10, 2014; 4 to 6 PM
Artist's Reception . Desert & Coast: Where Mother And Daughter Draw The Line

Featured Artists: Flo Hosa Dougherty & Amy Hosa


Wide Bay High Desert Repeat in 2015

Unsettled Gallery and the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (Austrailia) will collaborate again to put on an exchange exhibit during September/October 2015. Planning has already begun!

Unsettled Gallery Blog: Coming Soon!

2/22/2014: With a push and some "how-to" help from Mary Robertson, one of the gallery's artists, who managed to sit us down, make us focus and voilá a wordpress template was selected and features demystified. We're not there yet, but we're close. So, stay tuned.

9/13/2013: Sadly, it appears that the blog is "on the back burner" so soon it won't be, but it will be forthcoming . . .)

2/10/2013 update: We have a name for our new blog. It will be titled "Art Notes" to reflect our wide ranging interests in, and musings about, art. We're currently struggling a bit with WordPress, a blogging software product, but stay tuned here for progress updates.

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April 12 - May 3

Selected Artists/Selected Work

Carey Crane, Raul Dorn, Louis Ocepek, Jacklyn St. Aubyn, Jean Reese Wilkey and Nolan Winkler

In April the second, 2014 exhibit to be grouped under the title, Selected Artists/Selected Work opens. These exhibits feature "gallery regulars" — those artists whose works are consistently represented in the gallery--with an occasional "guest artist" added to the mix. We expect to continue this series into future years.

The idea of Selected Artists/Selected Work evolved over the last few years as we considered how we schedule exhibits and our goals and processes for assisting artists find a market for their work.

An exhibit every one or two years for each of our artists doesn't give collectors (or the gallery) an opportunity to consider the strengths of an artist's work. Seeing how each art work hold's its space in an exhibit featuring many talented artists can reveal new insights and appeal.

Within exhibits, there always seems to be a few art works that seem to have been neglected by the viewing public. Repositioning these art works often allows them, in a new "light," to call attention to their merits.

The artists included in the April Selected Artists/Selected Work exhibit have studied art, practiced their craft, grown into their artistic maturity and exhibited extensively.

Events such as artists' talks, panel discussions and demonstrations will help inform art aficionados. Inclusion of related art forms during the eevents, such as poetry readings or musical groups, provides a feast of art and culture. (Note: we are always looking for new, entertaining "event" ideas, so pass yours along. Our email address is u@unsettledgallery.com)

Click here to jump to a page with brief information and images for each of the featured artists. Refer to the Date Book located in the left column of this page to see each artist's participation in the April Events.

The work is currently hanging in the gallery so please join us for the weekly events and plan to drop in a few times during the exhibit to contemplate the art work and share your insights.

Unsettled Gallery and Studio; April 2014

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Unsettled Gallery is a unique, contemporary art gallery in southern New Mexico, displaying a diverse range of art styles and mediums by a select group of artists.

Located along the site of the celebrated Camino Real (the 'Royal Highway') within the Original Townsite of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the gallery building is an historic, adobe structure. Over its long life, the building served many purposes: family home, apartment, fruit stand, packaged liquor store drive through to name just a few of its personalities. Acquired in 2003 by an artist interested in saving old adobes, rescue and restoration began. The current owners completed a nearly one-year restoration and renovation in 2007 launching the building into use as an art gallery for which it seems happily suited.

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